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  •    Earn more money with us

    It's easy to start selling globally with Noor and Zafir. All you need is to set up a store for your brand and upload all your products
  •     Reach new customers

    Your brand will be visible for millions of consumers on Noor and Zafir. Noor and Zafir will take care of the marketing. Make sure you have enough inventory and let the orders come!
Simple steps to start selling online

  • Easy to Use
    It's easy to setup your store with your own logo and banner and start selling 

  • We do the marketing for you
    We bring customers to you through our ongoing marketing campaigns

  • Advanced Features
    We provide you with advanced sales, financial, inventory management tools and more to manage your store 

  • No commitment
    No subscription fees
    You only pay commission fee per sale

Simple Pricing Structure

  • Product price

  • +
  • VAT 

  • +
  • Commission Fee per sale

  • +
  • Amount You Earned
  • =
  • Final Price You Decide 

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