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Learn About  Fasting
Ashraf is excited to be fasting for the first time.

He hopes he can make it through the whole day, but he seems to be always hungry.

There's a lot to learn about fasting and Ashraf is doing his best to please Allah.

I Love Rasulullah (PBUH)
When Zainab grows up she wants to be just like the Prophet Muhammad, Rasulullah (PBUH) - Peace Be Upon Him

So Zainab and her mother practice some of the things Rasulullah (PBUH) would do in his everyday life.

Now Zainab loves Rasulullah (PBUH) even more.

Practice Wudu and Salat
There is always something going on when Ashraf is around.

Even though Ashraf is still young he loves to make Wudu and practice Salat with his family.

Remember Allah
On a visit to the zoo, Ashraf's parents tech him how to praise and remember Allah.

Ashraf is amazed by all the wonderful creations of Allah.

Now Ashraf loves Allah even more.

The Salam Kids Series are books designed to encourage young children to try their best and start to implement Islamic practices into their lives.
These books are not instructional.

Let's always remember each child is different and that they will participate with their own capabilities.

Young children will love the characters Ashraf and Zainab featured in this series.

24 pages Full Color

Ages 3yrs - 8yrs

Brand Story

When you purchase from Gift a Muslim you don't just gift the intended person, you also gift those in need as 2.5% of every single purchase is donated to charity.

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