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CREAM TO POWDER BLUSH : Multi-purpose blush for cheeks and lips, 100% organic, with a soft and creamy texture, for a natural look and a healthy effect.

Brand Story

HIJABEAU - Halal Make up
The Hijabeau makeup collection wants to enhance women and help them bring out their natural beauty. This new makeup line puts the spotlight on today’s Muslim women, in Italy and around the world, involved in increasingly multicultural realities.
Hijabeau’s mission is to give voice to all of them making Muslim women feel protagonists, appreciated and authentic. Hijabeau is not just a simple makeup collection: its innovative formulas contain all the natural elements to have a fresh, hydrated and nourished skin. Besides being beautiful. Created to meet the unique needs of skins often in contact with clothing such as the veil, Hijabeau guarantees excellent performance thanks to its waterproof, wetproof and long lasting formulations.

The Hijabeau brand is the first halal certified makeup collection, entirely made in Italy. Its name is a neologism that wants to be a double tribute: the first one to the garment that par excellence represents the value of modesty, the second one to the motherland of cosmetics. Cruelty-free and vegan, in total respect of the laws of Nature, Hijabeau’s formulations contain 70 to 100% of natural and licit ingredients. There are no derivatives of animal origin, alcohol, parabens, petrolatum or silicones.

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Offer to Buyer

Multi-purpose blush for cheeks and lips, 100% organic, with a soft and creamy texture, for a natural look and a healthy effect.

The finish is opaque and its intensity can be modulated depending on the occasion.

The Hijabeau blush adheres perfectly to the skin and, once applied, blends perfectly with both brush and fingers, to facilitate makeup in every situation.

creamy and matte
long lasting
cheeks and lips
Format: 4 ml.

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