Coral 2 side Silk Kimono

Brand: Asian Spirit
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Lining color

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Handmade luxury 2 side silk Kimono is available with two lining options:
1. Coral silk top with nude silk paisley lining
2. Coral silk top with black silk paisley lining
Both versions are 2 sided and can be worn inside out 
Coral side has an amazing embroidery in the back
Can be worn as a summer coat or as a jacket or even as a dress if belted 

Brand Story

Luxury Brand For Empowered Women straight from Russia.

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Offer to Buyer

luxury hand woven 2 side silk Kimono with embroidered back
nude Paisley lining out of 100% luxury handwoven silk

Kimono is 2 sided and can be worn inside out.
Amazing option for a summer coat or jacket as well as a separate dress if belted

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