Ain Borja - Black

Brand: SmartKhuffZ®
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The SmartKhuffZ® Ain Borja looks to the future. It is characterised by high functionality. Decisive for the design is the fast entry and exit with the liner.The trendsetter combines great features such as a comfortable leather and neoprene inner shoe, a sophisticated and proven lacing system that holds the inner shoe firmly in the outer shoe, and a handy entry aid to make the way to prayer even faster and more comfortable.

Brand Story

The Idea
Performing the ritual ablution is often a challenge, but as Allah intends for you ease the mash is permissible on khuffs.
SmartKhuffZ® put khuffs (according to the four Sunni schools) into stunning smart sneakers – fitting together as one!

The Meaning
SmartKhuffZ® combines timeless religious needs with practical aspects of today. Fashionable lifestyle and Islam are not opposites!

The Story
Dr. Jörg Imran Schröter from Freiburg in Breisgau (Black-Forest/Germany) converted to Islam 30 years ago, when he was still 19 years old.
Living and loving his new religion he was always troubled by washing his feet for the ritual prayer in everyday life - especially during his studies and later during his teaching career at the university.
Knowing that Allah intends for us ease Dr. Schröter was eagerly seeking a solution and quickly found out that in all of the four Sunni legal schools (madhāhib) the mash is permissible on khuffs.
But still, it was difficult to wear traditional leather socks inside normal shoes.
So he put a newly developed special type of khuff (still according to the sharia rules) into stunning smart sneakers – fitting together as one!
He registered SmartKhuffZ® as his own trademark and legal utility model.
The Al-Azhar-Committee checked and confirmed the Islamic permissibility with a Fatwa.
In that way, Dr. Schröter’s unique idea combines timeless religious needs with practical aspects of today, also to prove that a fashionable lifestyle and Islam are not necessarily opposites but fit together perfectly.


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